Cell Cycle Modulation
Part of our laboratory studies how the HCMV pp71 and UL97 proteins modulate the Rb-E2F pathway, and how this may contribute to HCMV replication and pathogenesis.
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Immediate Early Gene Expression
Part of our laboratory studies how the expression of the HCMV immediate early (IE) genes is regulated during both lytic and latent infections, and how modulation of HCMV IE gene expression might be used to treat lytic infections, or control / clear latent infections.
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Ubiquitin-independent Degradation
Part of our lab studies the uncommon means utilized by the HCMV pp71 protein to induce the degradation of its substrates: pp71 induces the proteasome-dependent, ubiquitin-independent degradation of cellular proteins such as Rb and Daxx.
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