PI: Rob Kalejta, PhD


Lab Photo




Assistant Scientists


Emily Albright, PhD




Lab Technician 

Lex Oliver                                                    

Lex Oliver




Kristen Yetming, PhD


 Kylee Morrison, PhD

Graduate Students

 Ryan Walter  Mike Ohman

Jared Erickson

Ryan Walter

 Mike Ohman

Esther Wisdom  Thomas Potts  

Esther Wisdom

Thomas Potts





Sydney Hilley      

Sydney Hilley



Future Lab Members

We are always looking for smart, productive, and fun colleagues to join us in our studies of Human Cytomegalovirus replication and pathogenesis.  Experience with HCMV or virology is not required (we can teach you that), but a strong work ethic, collegial attitude, and inquisitive mind are essential.  Information about our lab can be found on this web site.  Projects are available in each of the main research areas of the lab, but new directions that expand the scope of the laboratory and fit with your interests and abilities are always welcome.  UW-Madison has the facilities and expertise to support high-level productivity, and is located in one of the most beautiful and livable small cities in the US.  If interested, please forward a cover letter briefly describing your past research and future goals, along with a CV containing the names and email addresses of three references to:  UW-Madison is an equal opportunity employer.


Past Lab Members 


Randy Hill, MS Ryan Saffert, PhD Adam Hume, PhD  
Jiwon Hwang, PhD Monica Gamez Rhiannon Penkert, PhD  
Chad Kuny, PhD Laura Winkler, PhD Halena VanDeusen, PhD

Joe Pasquarella, MS Angie Umana, PhD Chao Weng, MS  
Shelby Lyon, PhD Chris Gelbmann, PhD

Torsten Wurm, PhD


Padma Ranganathan, PhD Song Hee Lee, PhD Qingsong Qin, PhD  
Satoko Iwahori  
Satoko Iwahori, PhD Che Liu, PhD Derek Jacobs, PhD  
Dean Sayre Shye Richardson Eric Hilton  

Caitlin Jenewien Sam Porter

David Martinez

 Mike Dvorak
Natalie Schmitz Shayna Welch

Mitchell Dvorak

Phil Balandyk

Ruibin Liang

Diccon Fiore

 Jeong-Hee Lee, PhD

 Olivia Hassinger

Clay Mickelson, MS